The club members meet once a month for dinner where we discuss Elvis and up coming
events and share Elvis experiences. Our next meeting we will discuss what the club will do for the Holiday
 charity fund raising.



Fan members meet the first Saturday of each month for dinner, fun and talk Elvis.  For location and time please call 559 696-3268 or email  You don't have to be a member to join us. July 31, 2014 -- Fan club members are going to Roger Rodka's Dinner Theater for "All Shook Up" It will be a fun night of Elvis music and good food.  Non-members are welcome to join us.  Call 559 696-3268 or call Roger Rodka's at 559-266-9494 for more information.
Further calendar events will be posted  as events are confirmed

For more information E-mail Maggie Ratliff at or call 559-696-3268



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